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Downyhood Cartoon Screensaver

Spend 24 hours with little funny animals living their natural lives happily and safely in Downyhood
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5 March 2011

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Over the years you might have installed numerous screensavers on your system and have probably by now fixated on a genre that suits your taste. However if you are looking to try out something different and essentially quirky then you should go in for the Downyhood Cartoon Screensaver 1.01.3. Its overall aesthetics are based in line with the popular Winnie the Pooh cartoons and is a big draw with children and adults alike.

On launch the Downyhood Cartoon Screensaver 1.01.3 transports you to a mesmerizing world of Downyhood where cute little animals move around in their glory. Most of the characters that come across on the screen have their own unique traits. In this eccentric mess of furry animals you get to observe a noisy ecosystem of absolute fun that can tickle your funny bone. The sheer play of myriad colors on the screen can lift your mood even during a stressful day at office. You can observe with benign curiosity as the characters try to interact and give out funny noises. The designs are delight to watch and can really strike a cord in an inquisitive mind. You can spot huts created in ghoulish manner and yet they seem inviting. Even the tree houses an eccentric touch to them seem to straight out of a fairy tale. The background score and sound effects are quite apt and the screensaver seamlessly displays the movement from day into night. Moreover it comes with three different modes and allows you to customize the music and clock changes as per your preference.

After enjoying the blissfully enchanting Downyhood Cartoon Screensaver 1.01.3 on our screen, we can happily grace it with a score of three and half rating stars for its sophisticated fluid animations. It’s an enviable little piece of screensavers that your kids would fall in love with.

Publisher's description

Spend 24 hours with little funny animals living their natural lives happily and safely in Downyhood. Each behaves in its unique way, with its own special character. Together, they make a united and noisy neighborhood family. Join them now to learn what cute furry friends are doing every minute of their everyday lives.
Downyhood Cartoon Screensaver
Downyhood Cartoon Screensaver
Version 1.01.3
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